Undergraduate Opportunities

Concentration in Microbiology

Undergraduate students who wish to receive their BS degree in Molecular and Cell Biology with a Concentration in Microbiology may do so by satisfying the minimum requirements for a degree in MCB plus taking some courses with a focus on the genetics, biochemistry or ecology of microorganisms. Information on specific courses to take may be found in the Undergraduate Catalog.

Research Opportunities

Opportunities are available to conduct independent research with a faculty or graduate student mentor. If you are interested in developing an independent project please contact one of the professors in the Microbiology Program.

Microbiology Related Courses

Course Course Name Credits
MCB 2610 Fundamentals of Microbiology 4
MCB 2612 Honors Core: Microbe Hunters - Crowdsourcing Antibiotic Discovery 4
MCB 3602W Introduction to Bioinformatic Tools for Microbial Genome Annotation 1
MCB 3617 Molecular Biology and Genetics of Prokaryotes 4
MCB 3633 Pathogenic Microbiology 4
MCB 3637 Practical Methods in Microbial Genomics 3
MCB 4601 Physiology of Archaea and Bacteria 3
MCB 4624 Experiments in Bacterial Genetics 3